Register for Diigo. Join the Learning Call Group and then take some time to leisurely Explore Websites and bookmark at least 5 of them and share them with the LearningCall group.  Diigo Guide here    Megalist of Websites HereIf you have the time (and interest), write a short blog post about some of the interesting sites you find.  … Read more

Skype Guide

You can register for a skype account there and download the skype program here  (it should already be installed on the TTP Laptops). In your skype window, click the ‘contact’ tab to see all of your contacts.  The ‘recent’ tab will show all of your recent chats. To add a new contact, type their name or … Read more


Week 2 Tips & Tricks – little things you can do to make your time online easier and more efficient. Make sure you have created a blog at blogger.com and added that address to your Google Doc Portfolio from Week#1To find that document, sign in to your gmail and click ‘Document’s or go to docs.google.com … Read more


TTP CALL Week#1 The goal of this week is to get set up with some of the basic accounts and tools we’ll be using (and to grab your first plate of goodies from the buffet). Tasks: Go to gmail.com and Create a gmail account if you don’t already have one.  (this ID might be used for … Read more

Hot Potatoes Guide

Using Hot Potatoes Different kinds of Potatoes Type Jquiz JCloze JMatch JMix JCross Examples JQuiz exercise JCloze exercise 1JCloze exercise 2 JMatch exercise 1JMatch exercise 2 (drag/drop) JMix exercise 1JMix exercise 2 (drag/drop) JCross exercise Information on how to create these types of activities below. JQuiz. The first stage is to enter the questions and answers … Read more

Google Tools

Google Documents  Aside from Gmail, Google offers a number of services that can be very useful for educators. Below is general information about using Google Docs. You can find specific information about Google Presentations here. How to create and share a Google Document Log in to your gmail and click ‘Documents’. Click Create new/Document To change … Read more

Social Bookmarking with Delicious

Social Bookmarking sites like delicious.comallow you to bookmark sites you like, organize them, share them with others, and access them from any computer or browser.  Each student in TTP CALL will use their own delicious account to maintain a record of sites hey find interesting or useful.  You can register for delicious at: https://secure.delicious.com/registerIf you … Read more