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Welcome to the new LearningCall.com   For years, this site served as the hub for a Technology Integrated Language Learning Course that was taught at Busan University of Foreign Studies.  That course is no longer active, but you might find some of the resources useful.

A few resources of note:

Former students, can find the session archives on the Original Blogger Site.   If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


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Reading Resources & Digital Storytelling

There are an ever-growing number of online tools and resources related to reading material and digital storytelling.  This week, your task is to check out and experiment with some of these.  Remember to Diigo anything you find potentially useful.

From:   Reading Resources  &   Digital Storytelling Guide 

—-Abridged Lists—
Storybuilding Tools

Make your own comics and animations

Storytelling Podcasts

Sources of Books/Reading Materials

    • English E-reader – a nice selection of graded readers that include recent publications

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Social Networking + Social Credit System

Social Networking

Take a look at the Social Networking Guide . 
You can also watch thee sightly outdated the Social Networking Screencast.

Explore some of the ELT groups and communities on Google+, Facebook, Diigo, LinkedIn, and elsewhere .

Join ones of interest, bookmark them with Diigo, and/or create a blog post about any interesting discoveries.

Before the end of our first hour, please listen to one version of Planet Money’s podcast on :
China’s Social Credit System

9 minute version 
20 minute version

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Week#11 – Video Production & Copyright-friendly Media

Michael Wesch is a professor of cultural anthropology at Kansas State University.   I first became aware of  his YouTube videos in 2007 when I was webcasting away at EdTechTalk.  They look ancient now, but at the time, his ‘The Machine is Us/ing Us and A Vision of Students Today were pretty cutting edge.

In any event, he just published a video with some useful ideas and resources for teachers who are producing videos for online learning.

I encourage you to check out (at least the first seven minutes) of
What Professors Can Learn from YouTubers

Our goal this week:  Gather some ‘go to’ sites for finding copyright friendly materials that can be used in our teaching – online and off. Please check out and review some of the sites below and suggest others by commenting.

Copyright-friendly sources of video, audio, & images mentioned in his video

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Reference, Grammar Checkers, and Text Analyzers

Sentence Analyzers SDU Automatic Parse LexisRex Sentence Analyzer Parse a Sentence   Grammar Checkers Spellcheckplus.com  Grammarly Nounplus.net/grammarcheck Prowritingaid.com Grammarcheck.net Languagetool.org Proofreadbot.com Gingersoftware.com Spinbot (rewrites text) BestFreeSpinner Chrome Grammar Check Extensions  MS Word Grammar Checker (English Language Pack required 32bit 64 bit) (sample essay here for comparison purposes) Other Reference Tools Corpus & Word/Phrase Frequency –  English-corpora.org – Sketch Engine – Lexical … Read more

Week#10 TW/TILL To Do Lists

The ‘Already Done’ (hopefully) List TD#1 Lesson Plan completed (including materials and links) TD#1 Self-Assessment TD#1 TTPKitchen Post Up-to-date ER Log Up-to-date Personal Quizlet Add Possible Projects to the TTP2020 Trello Board. TILL Skills Currently Serving… Use Diigo to bookmark sites of interest from the audio and video guides. Use a screencapture tool like Debut, … Read more

Week#8: Audio, Video & Presentations

PRESENTATIONS Wondering how to publish a Google Presentation on a blog?Check out the Google Presentations Guide Looking for other sources of online presentations?Go to the Presentations Guide. Watch the video Check the links of interest Find a Slideshare presentation of interest and post it on your blog.  Create a basic Google Presentation and post it on … Read more