Optional CALL – Week#2

Windows Live Movie Maker
Getting Started Video
Extensive Guides
  Sample video file here

Photo Slideshow Tools
PhotoPeach.com  (Jeff’s Example)
Animoto.com/education  (Carla’s Example)
Animoto: Get Started   Help
PhotoPeach: Help

CALL Practitioner Profile
Meet Carla Arena
(“A Brazilian EFL teacher, explorer of the potential of technology integration into language learning “)

Carla Links:  

Blogger (Blogspot) – webtools4educators
Google Reader
Twitter – carlaarena
SlideShare – carlaarena
Facebook – carlaarena
YouTube – carlaarena
√Ālbuns da web do Picasa
carla arena

1 thought on “Optional CALL – Week#2”

  1. Dear Jeff and students,

    What an honor to be part of your blog! I was just browsing mine, and clicked to see what the learningcall blog was all about, and found it was you, my dear friend, Jeff Lebow. If I can be of any help, let me know!

    Cheers from sunny Brasilia,
    Carla Arena

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