TTP Week#2 – Hanging Out & Intro to Online Activities

Week#2 Overview

Week#1 Leftovers

Hanging Out in the Google Universe
Add your classmates to a ‘circle’ (TTPClass#1 hereTTP Class#2 here)
Later, you can update your Google+ profile, find others to follow, and download the Hangout app to use it  on mobile devices.
In class, we will attempt to use a Hangout to text chat and video conference.
Google+ Hangout Guide

Blogger TweaksQuestions? Blogger Guide.  To see some examples of what you can do with a ‘Blogger’ blog check out the ones below.

To experiment with your new blog, try

Begin Exploring Activities, Games, & Quizzes

  • Explore the Games & Activities Guide 
  • Creation Sites:    Quizlet  Proprofs    Jeopardy ,  Jeopardy Kids  
  • Look at  examples – Hot Potatoes  ProProfs  Quizlet   Padlet  (nice Google Doc usage here)
  • Play a few online Word Games
    To Do
  • Explore activity sites and use Diigo to bookmark your favorite sites Use our Hangout to share and comment on any interesting finds 
  • Create something with Quizlet, Profprofs, or Padlet and post it on your blog
  • Create other kinds of games using websites or downloadable programs
  • Create a short blog post about your thoughts on activity resources and using them in your teaching


Help edit this set by registering at Quizlet (confirm your email), joining the BUFS TTP class(wait for Jeff to accept your enrollment), and then edit the set.

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