Week#2 – Summer/Fall 2012

Things we’ll do together

  • Create your Google+ Profile.  Click on the +YourName at the left top of your Gmail.   

     This will take you to your Google+ page. Click on Profile/About/Edit Profile.

    Provide some basic information about yourself.  (Jeff’s profile here)
    Please copy the  URL of your Google+ profile and paste it in the appropriate place on the 3+3 Portfolio Page

For the remainder of class, experiment with these tools

  • Do some social bookmarking. Use Diigo to bookmark at least three sites,  Start with sites you already use for some CALL purpose (Korean sites are fine). Then sample ‘buffet items’ from the CALL Websites page and use Diigo to bookmark sites of interest. 
  • Create a post on your Blog about your first two weeks of TTP, your thoughts about Salman Khan’s Ted Talk, or any other topic of interest.  You can also experiment with posting photos or videos and adding gadgets.  
  • Look at other areas of the LearningCall website that are of particular interest to you.

Coming up next week… 

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