Revisiting the TILL Buffet (2020)

Below is a list of items on the TILL Buffet.   Some you might like try again, some you might have no interest in, and others you might not even remember. In any event, please help yourself ūüôā Go to Feedly and check out recent blog posts from current TTP’ers and TILL alumni Build a collection of your … Read more

Course Website Options

Blog Platforms¬†(Blogger,¬†WordPress, or¬†Edublogs) BLOGGER Former Trainees’ Blogger Examples: MOAEnglish, Claire’s English Playground, Happy English w/Xena ¬†SmartLearning, Undertaker’s English, Coffee with Jackie, Humming English, Jeff’s Sites:¬†¬†Writingbridges,¬† ¬†BUFS GSIT,¬†¬†BUFSENG,¬†¬†EnglishwithJeff¬†¬†(WordPress) WORDPRESS Support¬† ¬† ¬† Hosting EDUBLOG¬† ¬†¬† ¬†¬† ¬† Edublog Megalist of Class Blogs 13 Great Class Blogs Global Explorers¬†(Madame Pratt) Chez Baird The Electronic Pencil … Read more

Student YouTube Faves

Students’ Favorite YouTube Channels Anna Akana  Jenn Im  JStuStudios žėĀžēĆŽā®YAN Youjinžú†žßĄ Summer Mckeen Learn English with Claire Marshall Tati KoreanBilly’s English Minute Videos Jenna Marbles ŽĆďžôłÍĶ≠žĚł That Waygookin žė¨Ž¶¨Ž≤ĄžĆ§  ReacttotheK Jeffreestar E4 Eliza Rose Akshon Esports BrisXLife Heather Hu Weehom Liau Man vs Wild Bear Grylls AranTV Leroy Sanchez Got Talent Global National Geographic … Read more

Feed Us…with Feedly!

Feed Us with Feedly! TTP2020 opml file Assorted-feeds.ompl file Using an RSS Reader like to subscribe to sites you like. We will do this in class together, but if you have any additional questions, you can watch the screencast below.  In order to get things set up, you will need to download the TTP2019 opml file Step#1: … Read more

TTP Solstice Friday Agenda – June 21, 2019

Create a Summer To Do List Doc in your Journals folder Jeff’s  Share selected items on ‚ÄėOur TTP 2019 Summer To Do List‚Äô Add items to Curriculum Topics Covered by Year Share IBLL & PBLL Discussion notes and ideas Get ready for TD#2 Need Ideas? Check out Google’s New Chromebook App Hub Share Play Day photos Revisit TILL Holes in the Wall Explore IBLL, PBLL, and … Read more

Week#15 – TILL Review Drills

First Up: Please take the TILL Task Interest Survey Next up: TILL Drills!Remember that tsunami of TILL Tools we surfed back during the chilly  months of March & April.It’s time to see how much we remember. Try to complete as many of these tasks as you can. Add videos to a YouTube playlistTTP  MegaPlaylist  Elementary … Read more

TILL Holes in the Wall

Using a Smart board Show us what we can do with a smartboard and how we can effectively use it in our teaching ¬† Google Classroom Set up an experimental Google Classroom for TTP. Teach us how to use it as teachers and students and provide us with some sample activities. Video Guide: … Read more

Google Forms & Add-ons

Guides Google Form Guide General Screencast Quiz Screencast Examples:– TP2020 Demo Quiz– TTP Entrance Questionnaire. EGL115 Midterm Challenge– Assorted School Forms Save as Doc Chrome Add-on to help view responses To use a Google Form as a Quiz To find add-ons for Docs, Sheets, or Slides To embed on a page, click ‘Send / <>’ Loading‚Ķ

Week#5 Buffet – TD Ahoy!

ER Resources Lounge Goodies Shmoop GradeSaver BookRags Quizlet – search ‘Title Chapter’ Reference Examples: Google Translate (expand, more examples) Word Frequency: or Google a word in “quotes” “visit”  vs.  “sojourn” and check the number of results Usage(collocations): – reference and forums Teaching Demonstration Thoughts – 50+%,  – output documentation – during TD, lean … Read more

Week#4 Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends Side TTP Blogroll  (adding gadgets) (Wayback Machine) (Make your own – ‘New Exercise’)  (remove ads with Adblock) Website Mega-buffetVideo Playlists TTP  MegaPlaylist    Elementary MegaPlaylist      Secondary Megaplaylist PopSongs for ELT (click +add icon) Photo Albums Whole Group Elementary Secondary Audio Guide Audacity & Audio Recording/Editing Audacity – a free, cross-platform, … Read more