Welcome to TILL 2020

Technology Integrated Language Learning
Busan University of  Foreign Studies
TESOL Grad &  Teacher Training Program
a COOL Course 
(Collaborative Open Online Learning)
Group Site: TTP2020.blogspot.kr

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Learning Management Systems / Screencasting

Learning Management Systems Google Classroom https://classroom.google.com   Video Guides: Google Classroom for Everyone its finally here! NEW 2017 Features                            구글 클래스룸으로 수업 시작하기 1(사용법 안내) PlaylistTeacher’s Essential Guide to Google Classroom    Presentation Guide: Intro to Google Classrom     20[email protected] / 4………..!   … Read more

TTP2020 – Week#4

A few goodies from the buffet in case anyone is hungry…. Some Covid-19 Videos Angry mom’s rant about homeschooling children while in quarantine  I Will Survive, Coronavirus version for teachers going online How To See Germs Spread (Coronavirus) ER Resources Shmoop    Examples:  Wonder      The Giver GradeSaver BookRagsQuizlet – search ‘Title Chapter’ From the TILL … Read more

TILL 2020 – Week#3 Buffet Items

A few new sites/tools to play with this week… Archive.org (Wayback Machine)See what websites looked like long ago  Daum 2000 LyricsTraining.com (Make your own – ‘New Exercise’)  (remove ads with Adblock)  Word Clouds             WordArt.com              Tutorials WordArt.com   Worditout.com  Tagxedo.com (한글 friendly option)  Imagechef.comTrainee Examples: Emily’s Wordle for Lesson 2 ,  () ing Optional … Read more

TTP2020 TILL Week#2

Buffet Items & To Do TasksBelow are some of the TILL tools we will be using and/or learning about this week. After  they are introduced during Hour#1, choose the tools you’re most interested in and explore.The week’s goal:  Complete at least 3 tasks. Google  FormsGoogle Forms Guide and Links Examples: – TTP Entrance Questionnaire– TP2020 Demo Quiz. EGL115 Midterm … Read more

TTP2020: Week #1 – Course Overview and Setup

Fun Friday – TILL  Week#1 To Do List & Show & Tell TO DO Checklist Make sure there are at least three sites bookmarked and tagged in your Diigo Library.  LOTS of websites here. Share anything new and interesting with the LearningCall Group.  Create a Quizlet set with at least three words or phrases.Quizlet screencast guide Quizlet App.  Post something … Read more

Welcome to TILL 2019

Technology Integrated Language Learning Busan University of  Foreign Studies TESOL Grad &  Teacher Training Program a COOL Course  (Collaborative Open Online Learning) Group Site: TTP2019.blogspot.kr Tools * Websites *  Skills Training * Readings TTP Kitchen LearningCall Diigo Group      TTP  Youtube MegaPlaylist    (join) Elementary MegaPlaylist  (join)     Secondary Megaplaylist (join) PopSongs for ELT  (join) Song Index Google Doc   Posts … Read more

Homestretch Tasks of TILL 2019

For the remainder of TTP, TILL time will be spent….   …building a course website or portfolio of digital resources   …working on TILL-related projects with others     and/or  …reviewing skills and tools Of course, it’s always possible that Jeff might introduce a few more new tools or resources 🙂 Homestretch of TILL Tasks  Request slow-mo assistance … Read more

The Next 50 Years of English @ BEL

Slide Presentation References The History of English in 10 Minutes The Future of English as a Global Language Can English remain the ‘world’s favourite’ language? – BBC News The future of English language | Quantumrun What is the Future of the English Language? What will the English language be like in 100 years? The future … Read more