Reading Resources & Digital Storytelling

There are an ever-growing number of online tools and resources related to reading material and digital storytelling.  This week, your task is to check out and experiment with some of these.  Remember to Diigo anything you find potentially useful.

From:   Reading Resources  &   Digital Storytelling Guide 

—-Abridged Lists—
Storybuilding Tools

Make your own comics and animations

Storytelling Podcasts

Sources of Books/Reading Materials

    • English E-reader – a nice selection of graded readers that include recent publications

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Computer Assisted Language Learning Readings

A CALL Literature Custom Search Engine Searching below will produce results from only selected CALL related journals. Megasources of CALL related Readings & Journals Language Learning & Technology CALL-EJ Online EuroCALL Review TESL-EJ Master Page Asian EFL Journal Australasian Journal of Educational Technology Educational Technology Review CALICO Journal BBC’s Sources of General Articles (not necessarily … Read more


Search Open CALL Journals powered by Custom Search Control Web Suggested Readings Tomasz  Szynalski’s How I learned English in the pre-Internet age and why you can do it faste Emily Chen’s Introduction to CALL, Unit 1 Background Information / CALL Orientation CALL on Wikipedia Introduction to CALL (Warschauer) Introduction to CALL (Davies, et al.) Invitation to CALL … Read more