TTP CALL Week#1 The goal of this week is to get set up with some of the basic accounts and tools we’ll be using (and to grab your first plate of goodies from the buffet). Tasks: Go to gmail.com and Create a gmail account if you don’t already have one.  (this ID might be used for … Read more

Hot Potatoes Guide

Using Hot Potatoes If you don’t already have Hot Potatoes installed on your computer,  you can download it here,   Jeff’s 2006 Hot Potatoes Screencast Look at examples of different kinds of Hot Potatoes activities below Jquiz JCloze JMatch JMix JCross exercise exercise 1 exercise 2 exercise 1exercise 2  exercise 1exercise 2 exercise1  A couple of websites that … Read more

Hot Potatoes Guide

Using Hot Potatoes Different kinds of Potatoes Type Jquiz JCloze JMatch JMix JCross Examples JQuiz exercise JCloze exercise 1JCloze exercise 2 JMatch exercise 1JMatch exercise 2 (drag/drop) JMix exercise 1JMix exercise 2 (drag/drop) JCross exercise Information on how to create these types of activities below. JQuiz. The first stage is to enter the questions and answers … Read more

CALL Glossary

Bandwidth The amount of data that can be sent from one computer to another through a particular connection in a certain amount of time, e.g. via a computer to the Internet and vice versa. The more bandwidth available, the faster you are able to access information. Bandwidth is usually measured in kilobits per second (Kbps) or … Read more

Tips & Tricks

If you are having trouble connecting to the internet, click on the  icon, select PUFS Lab 4F or PUFS Lab4F-1 and click connect. If you see this icon: then you are connected.     In the class, always use the Chrome browser, not MSIE.        If you don’t have a bookmark or link to a site, … Read more

Google Tools

Google offers a vareity of tools that can be useful to educators. This screencast shows you some of these. Our primary browser during the course will be Chrome(Google’s browser) and  the first tools we’ll explore are…. Gmail  (Google’s Getting Started Guide, MakeUseof.com Guide ) Blogger Google Docs Later in the course (or sooner for those eager to … Read more

Blogger Guide & Examples

Blogger is Google’s blogging platform.  You can register for a blog at Blogger.com and your blog will be created at blogname.blogspot.com Blogger Basics Creating Pages / Creating Posts Labels Posting Images Posting a YouTube Video on your blog Adding Gadgets to your sidebar Learning Call Blogger Screencasts Creating/Editing your Blogger Blog How to adjust widths for Blogger templates … Read more

How to create and share a Google Document

How to create and share a Google Document Go to you main Docs page.  docs.google.comor drive.google.com * Google Docs is part of Google Drive.  Your drive includes 5GB of free storage space for documents and  other kinds of files.  Google Drive Support Cnet’s Guide to Google Drive GoogleGooru’s Guide to Google Drive Log in to Google … Read more