TTP Week#2 – Bookmarking the Buffet, Blogging, and Activities Intro

Week#2 Tasks

If you didn’t already do so, create an account at You can use your gmail address if desired. Join the BUFS TTP Quizlet Class
Quizlet App here
Check out the TTP Spring 2015 Group Notes and adding defintions, translations, and comments.
Go to the Group Quizlet and edit the quizlet to add words from any of your TTP courses.
You create your own Quizlet by clicking ‘create a set‘ and choose to share it with the BUFS TTP Quizlet Class if you like.

Begin Exploring Activities, Games, & Quizzes

Keep Sampling the Buffet and Using Diigo

Start using your blog!
Post a video, photos, and/or comments about the beginning of your TTP Journey.
 (Blogger Guide here)

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